Friday, January 8, 2016

2016 Tour Dates Announcement / Update on "Apsu"

ABSU today announce details on their upcoming tour, titled Merelogical Nihilism Connexus Tour: 2016. The 42-city tour will see the band perform a brand new set with music spanning their 25-year recording career. It is the first full, American tour by the Texas-based mythological occult trio since 2013 and will preceed the release of the band's new album, Apsu.

Vocalist/drummer Proscriptor shares, “Since the release of out latest recording, Abzu, the response was extremely vehement and now is the perfect moment to prepare the nation for our new offering, Apsu, which will be released later this year via Candlelight Records. We will be performing a few songs that have never been audibly displayed, in a live atmosphere, as well as one new song that will be featured on the impending opus.”

Proscriptor also adds, “The entire rhythm section for Apsu has been completed and upon our return, I will complete the drafting of the lyrical content, track the vocal lines and finalize the mixing/mastering process. Guest appearances for Apsu feature Rune Erikson/Blasphemer (Aura Noir) and Ross The Boss (ex-Manowar) both contributing solos.

Apsu, which is the Sumerian-Akkadian spelling of the band moniker is the third and final installment of a trilogy spawning from the last two recordings: Absu and Abzu. The band’s eighth studio album was recorded at three different facilities: GAB Recordings, (Irving, Texas) Nightsky Studios, (Waldorf, Maryland) Alchemy Music (Richardson, Texas) and will be mixed once again by J.T. Longoria at Nomad Recording Studio. (King Diamond/Solitude Aeternus)

Acclaimed Polish artist Zbigniew Bielak has not only illustrated separate covers for the CD and LP formats, but has formulated eight individual art pieces, which will aesthetically pertain to the album’s lyrical components.

Proscriptor commented, "Lyrically, this will definitely be my most scientific album to date. It not only descends deep into the hardships of spirits such as Qingu and Irra, but the Enochian Magic(k) System and the cause/effect of Hermetic Praxis.”

ABSU came to prominence with the release of their 1993 debut, Barathrum: V.I.T.R.I.O.L. Each album saw continual expansion of the band’s now highly regarded artistic vision and international fan base. It was with 2001’s Tara that the band truly arrived. The album reached top lists of countless magazines worldwide. Years, however, would pass before any new material would be recorded. In late 2007, the band finally announced their re-awakening. Now teamed with London-based Candlelight Records, the band would take nearly sixteen months writing/recording their sixth album. Absu, featuring contributions from members of King Diamond, Mayhem, Melechesh, Firstborn and Enthroned, was released early 2009.

Confirmed dates for ABSU are:

March 17, 2016: Richmond, VA – Strange Matter
March 18, 2016: Charlotte, NC – Amos’ Southend (with Abbath & High On Fire)
March 19, 2016: Charleston, SC – The Tin Roof
March 20, 2016: Jacksonville, FL – Burro Bar
March 22, 2016: Tampa, FL – Brass Mug
March 23, 2016: Gainesville, FL – The Atlantic
March 24, 2016: Atlanta, GA – The Basement
March 25, 2016: New Orleans, LA – Siberia
March 26, 2016: Houston, TX – Walter’s
March 27, 2016: San Antonio, TX – The Korova
March 28, 2016: Corpus Christi, TX – Boozerz
March 29, 2016: Austin, TX – The Sidewinder
March 30, 2016: Arlington, TX – Diamond Jim’s Saloon
March31, 2016: El Paso, TX – The Sandbox
April 1, 2016: Scottsdale, AZ – The Rogue
April 2, 2016: San Diego, CA – Brick By Brick
April 3, 2016: Los Angeles, CA – Complex
April 5, 2016: Bakersfield, CA – Babylon
April 6, 2016: Oakland, CA – Metro Operahouse
April 7, 201616: Sacramento, CA – Starlite Lounge
April 8, 2016: Portland, OR – Ash Street Saloon (Northwestern Black Circle Fest)
April9, 201616: Victoria, BC – Upstairs Cabaret
April10, 2016: Vancouver, BC – Astoria Pub
April 11, 2016: Seattle, WA – The Highline
April 12, 2016: Missoula, MT – The V
April 13, 2016: Boise, ID – The Shredder
April 14, 2016: Salt Lake City, UT – Metro Bar
April 15, 2016: Denver, CO – Hi-Dive
April 16, 2016: Kansas City, MO – The Riot Room
April 17, 2016: St. Louis, MO – Fubar
April 18, 2016: Omaha, NE – Lookout Lounge
April 19, 2016: Minneapolis, MN – Triple Rock
April 20, 2016: Milwaukee, WI – Frank’s Power Plant
April 21, 2016: Columbus, OH – The Summit
April 22, 2016: Pittsburgh, PA – The Smiling Moose
April 23, 2016: Rochester, NY – Bug Jar
April 25, 2016: Burlington, VT – T.B.A
April 26, 2016: Portland, ME – Space Gallery
April 27, 2016: Somerville, MA – ONCE Lounge
April 28, 2016: Brooklyn, NY – Saint Vitus
April 29, 2016: Philadelphia, PA – Kung Fu Necktie
April 30, 2016: Raleigh, NC – The Maywood

ABSU currently features guitarist Vis Crom and bassist/vocalist Ezezu with vocalist/drummer Proscriptor.

Monday, November 23, 2015

2016 Tour Dates - Two Dates Confirmed

ABSU have two dates confirmed for 2016:

May 25, 2016 - Maryland Deathfest @ Ottobar - Baltimore, MD

July 15, 2016 - Metal Threat Fest 2016 - Chicago, IL

Thursday, September 10, 2015

ABSU - Origin: War And Magic(k) Official CD Available for Pre-Order

Every great story has a prologue. Before the mighty ABSU, there were two occult metal manifestations: Dolmen and Magus, which together helped forge one of the most well know acts in the underground today.

DARK SYMPHONIES / THE CRYPT is proud to present continued cooperation with ABSU members Proscriptor and Equitant with a deluxe CD edition of Dolmen - On The Eve Of War and Magus - Ruminations Of Debauchery. Both releases will feature the original cover art and layout elements as the vinyl edition. Also included will be the the original cover illustration by Kris Verwimp from the out of print Crypt 2-LP box set edition.

Dolmen makes their CD debut and includes an unreleased cover version of Slayer's "Black Magic." Magus features the original unreleased mix of "Ruminations..." as well as the 1992 demo "Lines That Formed Hexagrams." All songs were mastered for vinyl from the original analog and dat sources. This marks the CD debut for both Magus - Lines That Formed Hexagrams and Dolmen - On the Eve of War.

Fans of ABSU will be offered with two amazing, cult metal releases which helped manifest one of the greatest underground acts of the 90's!

CD limited to 1000 copies worldwide! Stay away from BOOTLEGS! Support the band and official releases!! Release date is September 30th.

Pre-Order here.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Vault Is Open Again and ABSU Featured In "The 10 Best Historical Metal Bands"

The Vault is open again with new and restocked items. Visit here for the information.

Also, ABSU was featured in a blog for "The 10 Best Historical Metal Bands". Visit here for the details.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

"The Temples of Offal" CD and LP available now

The Crypt and Dark Descent Records have now made available "The Temples of Offal". An official re-release of ABSU's first two demos and a bonus track.

Track list:
[The Temples of Offal]
01 Immortal Sorcery
02 Sumerian Sands (The Silence)
03 Disembodied
[Return Of The Ancients]
04 Immortal Sorcery
05 Eternal Rest
06 Sea of Glasya
07 Dawn of Invocation
[Bonus Track - Pre-ABSU]
08 Abhorred Xul

Purchase the LP here.

Purchase the CD here/a>.

Monday, February 23, 2015

"Telepaths Within Nin-Edin" 7" Now Available

Mythological Occult Metal tyrants ABSU have joined forces with a brand new label based out of Dallas, Texas called Unknown Force Records - unleashing their latest seven-inch EP titled "Telepaths Within Nin-Edin". This new release contains two tracks: Hall Of The Masters taken from the Adult Swim series, as well as an unreleased backing track version of Circles Of The Oath. The seven-inch is presented as a limited pressing of 500 hand-numbered vinyl copies: 100 translucent clear and 400 opaque green.

For Purchasing: click here

For Wholesale Rates: Contact - unknownforcerecords @ (remove spaces)

For More Information:

Proscriptor adds, “We have completed the compositions and arrangements for our eighth studio album, suitably titled Apsu, which is the Sumerian-Akkadian spelling of the band moniker. The recording operation will begin in April, as we are appending the most multifaceted elements of psychedelia and fusion in extreme metal music. Lastly and as always, the lyrical content will descend into the deepest realms of Enki's lower world as well the Thelemic Magic(k) System."

Monday, December 29, 2014

"Temples of Offal/Return of the Ancients" LP Available For Pre-Order

Pre-Order Here

Following the tradition of our new upcoming Standard Edition LPs being presented in a straightforward yet affordable format, the Crypt is honored to reissue ABSU's 1992 masterpiece "The Temples Of Offal" plus the cult "Return Of The Ancients" demo on 12" vinyl!

The LP comes housed in a 350 gram, semi-gloss jacket featuring the original illustration by Equitant. To retain the classic feel of the original 1992 release, the LP jacket is designed in the spirit of the original EP layout with attention to detail - even down to the original typeface!

We are presenting two jacket options for collectors. First, the original positive image the way Equitant originally illustrated the cover, and second, the negative, reverse image of that as was used on the original Gothic Records EP.

As a bonus, we have included the track "Abhorred Xul," composed when Absu was still called Azathoth, previously only available on the long out of print “Barathrum: V.I.T.R.I.O.L” 3-LP box set.

Also, included in this set is a 12" x 12" two-sided lyric insert with classic band photos, ads and flyers. 300 copies will be on classic black wax, 300 on white wax, and 300 on clear wax.

Expect the same level of quality we have always presented: this time substantially less expensive and without all the bells and whistles!