Friday, October 7, 2016

Gummo Soundtrack (featuring ABSU) Re-Issued on Vinyl

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Movie director Harmony Korine was highly enthralled with the music of ABSU and wanted the band to present the first piece of music for his overly disturbed tour de force, “Gummo.” The first scene in the movie contains Super 8 mm news footage of a vehement tornado destroying the town of Xenia, Ohio in 1974. The movie’s plot is simply about this town that never financially or psychologically recovered from the destructive twister. So, ABSU was approached to create a song around this tornado, which was unusual as ABSU had never lyrically written anything contemporary before. Instead, they took the simple way out and wrote the song “The Gold Torques Of Ulaid;” an Irish epic concerning the barbarian Ross The Red. The movie’s musical director, Randall Poster, enigmatically refused to feature this song in the movie and left it only for the soundtrack.

In 2002, Toyota’s advertising department was highly fascinated with “The Gold Torques Of Ulaid” and looked for it to be used in a commercial exclusively in Europe. However, due to publishing ties lasting with London Records, the song was dropped immediately.

This song later appeared on the "Mythological Occult Metal" complilation (2005) as well as a split 7" with Demonical.