Thursday, July 25, 2013

Catching Up With... Mezzadurus

Here is the second to last of my interview series, "Catching Up With...". Enjoy!

WebMaster (Pete): It has now been over ten years since you last worked with ABSU. What have you been up to these days?

Mezzadurus: The same things I've always done, of course, and that’s make music! I’m working on a new Blood Storm album now and I have a new hard rock/heavy metal project band called Den Of Sin. Well, besides the obvious, I just recently got married, bought a new house and going to start a family of our own very soon! I've gotten back into doing artwork for my own personal relaxation and enjoyment. I also finally got the time to finally take some Tai Chi martial arts classes, as Bruce Lee has been a childhood icon to me like Bon Scott, Lemmy, Cronos, Ace Frehley and Pete Townshed. I wanted to make time for that kind of focus for my mental and physical health. And, my most cherished field is the study of occult sciences! All of these aspects of my life are equally important to the other and it helps promote spiritual success for my life.

WM: Did you start at an early age performing a musical instrument?

M: No, but I always knew that I wanted to play music one day! I was seventeen years old when I got my first bass. It was a dark wood finish Aria Pro 2, (four-string) but before I got the bass guitar, I really wanted to play drums! Anyway, I slapped stickers all over the bass to give it that metal look and feel! Ha ha!

WM: What were your major influences?

M: Besides the aforementioned people, the major influence began in 1982. I got three life changing albums, which were Iron Maiden Number Of The Beast, Motorhead Overkill and Venom Black Metal. Hearing those three albums together ultimately drove me in a passionate hunger for this kind of music from then on! I was eleven years old and before this, I was a dedicated Kiss, AC/DC, The Who and Rush fan and I still am to this day! That music stands beyond time for me, but at the age of eleven hearing those albums? Nothing could ever be better, as it was new, aggressive, loud, fast and powerful Imagery! I was a Moore College art student and was heavily into Marvel Comics, Eerie, Creepy, Vampirella, and Savage Sword of Conan magazines! (Horror movies too) How could I refuse not to like about this style of music? That’s when I started Goreaphobia with influences from Necrovore, Pentagram (Chile), Incubus (Florida), Celtic Frost/Hellhammer, Bathory, Possessed, Samhain/Des Exault, Nasty Savage, Exciter, Carnivore, Voi Vod, Krokus, Raven, Kreator, Bulldozer, Sodom, Razor, Saxon, Whiplash, Destruction, Iron Angel, Nuclear Death Necrophagia, Oz, Sacrifice, English Dogs, Repulsion, Dark Angel, Death, Running Wild, Death Row and just about the entire roster from New Renaissance Records! Obviously, my three top Icons: are Iron Maiden, Motorhead, and especially Venom!

WM: How did you get involved with ABSU?

M: Well, I meet Ray (Equitant) down in San Antonio, Texas and Russ (Proscriptor) on the 1992 Goreaphobia tour we did opening for Immolation! Anyway, we talked and had some hang out time before the gig started and it was very cool! Fast-forwarding now to late fall of 1994, I had broken away from Goreaphobia for two years now and was starting Blood Storm (I had four songs written at the time). A guy we both knew passed a message onto me about joining up with Absu as a session bassist/vocalist for a European tour in April, 1995!

The Absu klan and I got in contact, hit it right off with our passion for this music/interests and clutched mutual respects and admirations! It was a great feeling! Now, I was also around at that time working with the possibility of joining Dana of Demonic Christ too! Dana was extremely supportive/understanding to me, as I was 100% encouraged to pursue Blood Storm. One reason it didn't work out with Demonic Christ was because Dana initially wanted a rhythm guitarist. I wasn't ready for that just yet, as I was used to, 100% being confortable with bass duties. (Demonic Christ already had a bassist at the time) Dana, being the great friend that she is to me, still tried to work something out to have me included, but we both knew I was not fully prepared for guitars duties under a band that was established. She then told me to pursue the Absu tour and I was encouraged by great friends and communing with The Texas tyrants! Lo and behold, I was on a plane to Dallas to session with Absu! It was the best experience I ever had! Playing with them, sharpened my skills, my songwriting, energy level, regaining more confidence and the love of working with three great, deeply, rooted music and magic(k)al guys! Shit, what more can I say?

WM: Any particular favorite memories while you were with the band?

M: Well, Hanging out and living in the rehearsal room was a ton of jokes and stories about growing up and bullshit! Introducing to the good people of Universal Rehearsal Studios "Billy the Kid!" LOL! Taping people’s cigarettes and lighter, car keys and what not to their backs, on the celling, the wall next to the light switch and what not. It was nothing but goofy gags after rehearsal! All of the congregating was incredibly fun with those tyrants! I appreciate that they “accepted” my kind of madness and humor! Of course, performing live was sheer magic(k) and occult metal brilliance for me ever show I did with Absu from 1995 to 1997 and in 2002!

WM: Describe the lone 2002 performance and your involvement. Your thoughts?

M: That was a great show! Absu opened for Immortal and Manowar! So yes, after all the absent years of playing with them was 100% exciting for me!!! Since that big gap, I had a few Blood Storm albums and tours underneath my belt, but it was wonderful to be back with them playing again! Shaftiel (Mike) totally wanted to make sure I didn't go for the 'face paint' appearance at the show. I expected that anyway, but I already knew over the years after the early tours that the 'face paint' was not a good idea anymore. It was fine, as I totally concurred. I assured him that it not everything for me either and I was there solely for Absu - not Blood Storm. Joey from Manowar was the only member of the band I got to talk to. He didn't seem to interested in talking to me for very long because there was a couple of girls around and he wanted to show them pictures of himself in Spain. I thought maybe that was a code for "come to the bus, so I can fuck you" Lol! At any rate, I didn't care, as I thought it was just funny to watch it happen. He was cool to me, so I have no complaints. I would have totally done more shows if things were to pick up again, but not at the time it seemed. Absu, will always have a place in my soul and I 100% respect Russ and Absu; I would not interfere with nor want to step on toes with anything either! I will always wish nothing but for Sirius to shine with favour upon the Abysmal southern occult klan of Absu!

WM: Do you follow them these days? What do you think of their evolution over the years?

M: Yes, of course! Russ is one of my dearest and most respected friends I've had throughout the years! I know we don't live close by, and see each other every day, but he has shown me nothing but true friendship and respect for what I do in music! He's never given me any reason for doubts: personal or professional aspects. We can meet and hang, have a drink and just simply talk about anything and everything. He's a real guy like me and I know I don't have to watch my back man. Now, I only was close with the trio of Shaftiel, Equitant and Proscriptor. I learned mountains of experiences with all three of them! I have to say that Proscriptor is the high-energy, driving force that keeps the gas tank full and not taking anything away from Equitant and Shaftiel! (Both are awesome guitarists and songwriters) However, I saw what Russ does, I saw how focused and patient he was and how he executes his crafts brilliantly! Hands down, the best I've ever known thus far! I knew the other gentlemen a bit before this current lineup and the present! I thought it was a great restart to the magic(k) and I like them all as people too! It's the fact that Proscriptor, and even some of Equitant’s influence at times, keeps the current lineup just as strong and enjoyable as it has been over the past years. I salute Absu and 100% respect to the lineup now! Hello tyrants!

WM: Was Proscriptor going to be involved with Blood Storm at some point? Live or recording?

M: I wished sometimes - I admit! After all, I had experienced working with him, so yeah man! However, I realize he has to keep the flame of Absu burning! I also just didn't want to cross any lines and try to take advantage of the friendship levels either. I also thought that maybe Blood Storm would've been too “primitive” for his skills. I guess If he'd ever had time and said something along the lines of ''do you need any help?" Hands down, I would say ABSOLUTELY! He did come up for a live session on the skins for a Blood Storm show in New Jersey back in September of 2001. Anyway, he has contributed one live performance with Blood Storm!

WM: Thank you for your time to “catch up with us” and you can end this interview as you see fit and, of course, plug your other musical endeavors. Thank you!

M: To Pete, to everyone and anyone out there that has been around during my time in Absu and to anyone that has given me and Blood Storm anytime of day, or attention over the years: THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I greatly appreciate all the support and friendships over the years. Currently, I'm working on the next long overdue Blood Storm album titled The Stellar Excorcism. Also, I've recently made public another band I am involved, which features three, great hard rockin' metallers called Den Of Sin. This project features Jim Roe (drums), Robin Mazen (bass guitar), myself on guitars and Mrs. Lili LeBullet. (all vocals) This band is in the vein of hard rock/ heavy metal with inspirations from Acid, Girlschool, Motorhead, Krokus, Saxon, Joan Jett & The Runaways, Warlock, AC/DC and Venom. If you have time, check us out on Facebook @