Saturday, December 8, 2018

ABSU release "Hexagrammum Vestibulum" shaped Pic-EP

ABSU – Hexagrammum Vestibulum (NIGHT 280-SH)

Logo Series Shaped PIC-EP (Hand-Numbered/Limited Edition/Exclusive US Distribution)

PRICE: $24 USA/$40 World (Autographed Upon Request)

Payment Must Be Made Through PayPal At The Following Address Using The “Friends” Option:

ALL PRICES ARE POST PAID WORLDWIDE FOR SINGLE UNITS – NOTE: Potential customers in Macedonia, Mexico, Central/South America and Asia MUST email first before finalizing purchase)

GENERAL SYNOPSIS: Mythological Occult Metal purveyors ABSU have joined forces with Night Of The Vinyl Dead Records to unleash their latest die-cut shaped EP: Hexagrammum Vestibulum. This new release contains the track Hall Of The Masters, which is taken from the Adult Swim series, but now highlights an alternate mix of this exquisite, non-album hymn. This release is hand-numbered and limited to 500 units on a worldwide basis.

{IX} Hexagrammum Vestibulum → Perdu Mazes ← Gates At The Gulf ←→ Hall Of The Masters {iii}