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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Gold Torques Of Ulaid Lyrics

Music: Shaftiel & Proscriptor
Lyrical Magick: Equitant (Lúnasa/August ‘96)
Lead Voice: Proscriptor
Backing Voice: Shaftiel
Lead Guitar: Shaftiel
Rhythm Guitar: Equitant
Bass Guitar: Shaftiel
Drums: Proscriptor
Recording: Nomad Studios - Carrollton, Texas - USA (12/2/96)
Production: ABSU
Executive Production: New Line Productions & London Records
Engineering: Sterling Winfield, Gary Long, & ABSU
Editing: Peter Clark

1st Verse

“I see you slippin’ away from my sight. My vision is dwindling, it can’t be the night?”
The chivalrous |1| dragoons race toward the line. They bring crocks of barley, some honey, and wine.
“I am the |2| Red Knight that charges with might! I soar like a grey hawk I’ve seen in |3| take-flight!”
The birds of prey land on the bleak river forks. In their beaks, gripping, are three bloody torques.


It’s sad to remember those sickening years that shed the tears - TORQUES OF GOLD
A dream of Earth, the dream of Seas, we rode with spears - TORQUES OF GOLD
We brace ‘em bold - TORQUES OF GOLD
We’re wise, not old - TORQUES OF GOLD

2nd Verse

The grey hawks flew in the mild, Southern wind. The champions of the |4| Red Branch Cycle defend.
“I’m |5| Ross The Red of |6| Ulaidh; I’ve never failed! I’m the son, father’s the |7| High King; we prevailed!
He saw you slippin’ away from his eyes. His sight returned, as the night filled with lies.
“I weigh anchor hoist, ocean deep, then set sail. I search for new Earth, Southern wind, and the gale.



(Lead: Shaftiel)

Proclamation (x4)

...SO FAR.

Repeat 1st Verse, Chorus, 2nd Verse, & Bridge

|1| A heavily armed cavalryman in Celtic Mythology.
|2| A warrior who was the guardian of Ulster during the days of Conchobar Mac Nessa (King Of Ulster). Cúchulainn was the most accepted of all Red Knights in Celtic mythology.
|3| The act of a winged species preparing to fly.
|4| Known as the Ulster Cycle as well. This is the great heroic cycle of Irish mythology. As far back as the Irish tradition goes, there is an enormous institute of “knighthood” within the Red Branch Cycle.
|5| Founder of the Red Branch Cycle, who wed Maga, daughter of the god Aonghus Óg. Ross The Red designed their banner, which had a yellow lion on a green field of silk.
|6| Ulster.
|7| In Irish Gaelic language, the High King was also known as the Ard Ri or Ard Righ. According to ancient, bardic king lists, these were the first and most powerful kings in Ireland until the year 1 A.D. The Anglo-Saxons referred to them as “overlords.”