Thursday, December 26, 2019

Panzram releases "War Drums for Dreary Scum"

War Drums For Dreary Scum, the third full-length album from Panzram, is in many ways a natural progression from 2018's predecessor Cyanide Overdrive. The one-man ensemble lead by Ezezu (of ABSU fame) continues to prove that its sound is unclassifiable, overwhelmingly hateful, obsessively bleak and devotedly hardened to push creativity past all barriers. War Drums... displays furious cacophony, melancholic ambiance, enigmatic lunacy and must be heard to be believed. With nine songs clocking in at nearly 46 minutes, this is Panzram's longest and most diverse album to date.

War Drums For Dreary Scum is currently available for streaming, download and purchase through Bandcamp. A physical release will follow in early 2020 and for a limited time only, anyone who purchases the full album from Bandcamp (or other pending digital services) will receive the album free of charge when it is released (shipping/handling fees will apply).


1.) Voidbeast

2.) Frothing Blade Of Grief It Never Sleeps

3.) War Drums

4.) Horrid Pulse

5.) Long Shadows

6.) Strange Markings

7.) Bring The End

8.) Schizophrenia

9.) Shriek The Awful Litany


White Silence – 2006

Cyanide Overdrive – 2018

War Drums For Dreary Scum – 2019