Friday, October 7, 2011

"Abzu" Streaming

Decibel Magazine is streaming the entire album "Abzu". You can listen for yourself here.

Other reviews:

“…a hellaciously adventurous, unrelentingly brutal slab of fully actualized gonzo metal… It is a new extreme metal benchmark…” – Decibel

“…another strong release for one of black metal’s most underrated groups. Few albums can touch the complex drum play… a top tier album of 2011.” – Metal Underground

“Very few bands truly know how to create music that sonically obliterates the listener while maintaining a critical groove. Absu clearly is one of them and Abzu is clearly their greatest release this side of Tara.” – Blistering

“Proscriptor’s drums are of particular note as they absolutely detonate across the disc, and they’re treated in the furious mix like the lead instrument they ought to be… Without doubt, one of the best records I have heard this year.” – Hellbound