Monday, May 6, 2013

Catching Up With... Zawicizuz

I recently conducted a few interviews with some past members and collaborators.  Here is the of those interviews with Zawicizuz, guitarist with ABSU from 2007-2009.

WEBMASTER: Hello Zawicizuz – thanks for taking the time to catch up with us. What have you been up to these days?

ZAWICIZUZ: Cheers Pete! Thanks for having me. Currently I'm busy promoting & performing with my new project The Black Moriah.  Shortly after my time in Absu I began this project and we've just self-released our debut album, "Casket Prospects"

WM: Did you start at an early age performing a musical instrument?

Z: My earliest memory of performance would be at a 2nd grade talent show. A bunch of us lip synced Mötley Crew's version of Smoking in the Boys Room. There were too many of us in the group so I had to hide side stage until the harmonica solo and I ran out onto the stage in my parachute pants and face paint to play a mean air-harmonica solo.

WM: What were your major influences?

Z:  Musically I try to keep an extremely wide view. I like to think my collection spans centuries rather than decades or from fad to fad. Classical music has played a large role in my musical life starting at a very young age. As for metal I would tend to lean on the old school; Slayer, Bathory, Motörhead, Kreator, Mayhem, Sodom, ect.

WM: How did you get involved with members of ABSU?

Z:  I grew up with in the Southern Abyssic Communion. My band at the time, Infernal Oak, had collaborated with Absu many times. I actually drove the van for Absu's '95 North American tour. When Proscriptor approached me about joining for the "Absu" album I jumped at the opportunity!

WM: Any particular favorite memory while you were with the band?

Z:  The opportunity to perform with Absu, along with so many other giants like Sodom, Aura Noir, Melechesh, Abscess, Raven Cult... the list goes on and on--was amazing in itself. One memorable show was in Philadelphia. The crowd was into the set and going wild, but in between every song the crowd went into a "Cowboys Suck!" chant! I had to bite my lip to hold back the laughter. Got to give it to those rabid fans, even if I hate all their teams!!!

WM:  Did you continue any musical endeavors after you parted ways with ABSU?

Z:  Absolutely! My aforementioned band The Black Moriah is gaining steam and we are looking to spread our plague further every day!

WM:  Do you still follow the band?

Z:  Yes, as a matter of fact we are playing with Absu May 4th, on the last day of their US tour.

WM:  Thank you for your time to “catch up with us” and you can end this interview as you see fit including promoting your new material.

Z:  Thank you for reaching out!  I invite all Absu fans to visit to hear what I'm brewing up!!  Here's an empty glass and a shotgun blast to all!!! Keep it Metal!